Spot-winged Meadowhawk

Sympetrum signiferum Cannings and Garrison, 1991

(sym•PET•rum  sig•KNEE•for•um)



Quick Identification Tips

  • Only North American species with large black patch at the base of the rear wings.
  • Adults have coneflower blue eyes.
  • Abdomen marked with striking lateral black spots.


Description & Range

Known, in the United States from just a few canyons in southeast Arizona. In Mexico it ranges throughout the Sierra Nevada Occidental with records as far south as Durango and Nayarit.


Similar Species

Genetically and morphologically this species is closest to Sympetrum vicinum. It does have a striking similarity to the Japanese species Sympetrum croceolum.


Natural History

In the sky islands of southeastern Arizon, this species is found in slow water and ponds associated with small perennial streams.



Special thanks to Doug Danforth, Sandy Upson, and Rich Bailowitz who took the time to show me this beautiful species in Arizona, October 2014.



Hind wing:


Flight season: