Striped Meadowhawk

Sympetrum pallipes (Hagen, 1874)

(sym•PET•rum  PAL•i•peez  or puh-LIP-eez)



Quick Identification Tips

  • White thoracic stripes that do not fade or disappear with maturation.
  • Abdomen marked laterally with black triangular markings similar to those of S. obtrusum, but not always.


Description & Range

Western species, common throughout the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest.


Similar Species

Genetically and morphologically this species is closest to Sympetrum obtrusum. Females and juvenile males can be confused with other striped species, especially female Sympetrum madidum.


Natural History

Has been observed in astonishing abundance in the west when conditions are just right.






Hind wing:


Flight season: